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Upper Clinton Hill Residents Scored A Victory for Rose Terrace & South 10th Street Residents.

City Zoning Parking Lot Victory On Thursday, September 16, 2021 the City's Zoning Board of Adjustment voted to deny changing the zoning of the property at 716 S. 10th Street from residential to commercial to allow Peak Hour Transportation to convert the property into a parking lot for their (8) commercial vehicles.

South Ward residents were asked to join the fight by Shanley Avenue Block Association President and District Leader Dr. Robert Austin. We agreed with Dr. Austin and the more than 150-residents who signed a petition against this applicant's request.

We are not against Peak Hour Transportation's business or our neighbor, Ms.

Dorcas Odubanjo. In fact, we congratulate her on the success of her business and her commitment to stay in the community. However, the plan to make this residential lot a commercial parking lot, that would not be accessible to residents in the area in need of parking, simply is not the highest and best use of the property.

Several solutions-oriented suggestions were made by residents, including:

Working with the City to do a land swap for a lot in a more suitable location

Engaging Redeemer Church of God at 337 Avon Ave to rent parking spots

Exploring commercial parking options along Frelinghuysen Avenue

Selling the lot to Clinton Hill Community Action who will work with residents to

identify the best long-term use (e.g., housing, community garden, etc)

We hope Ms. Odubanjo will take us up on our offer to help.

In the meantime, the residents along S. 10th Street and Rose Terrace should not

continue to be inconvenienced by Peak Hour Transportation's illegally parking

commercial vehicles in violation to the City's ordinance that stipulates

"No person shall park any commercial vehicle on any street in the city between the hours of 11:00pm and 5:00am." We welcome your continued interest and thoughts on this issue as we work with residents, like you, throughout the neighborhood to stand up for our community and improve our quality

of life.

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