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Lower Clinton Hill Area: Triangle Park

Lower Clinton Hill Area: History & Description

Newark's highest concentration of vacant land and empty buildings can be found in the Lower Clinton Hill neighborhood. Whole blocks of vacant land can be seen, much of it cleared of all but a few clusters of older residences. Indeed, more than half the neighborhood is vacant land. There is some commercial activity along Avon Avenue and at the intersection of Peddie Street and Elizabeth Avenue and a scattering of small, convenience-oriented businesses on Clinton Avenue and Bergen Street. The Lower Clinton Hill neighborhood is served by the Newark Public Library's Clinton branch.

Lower Clinton Hill is predominantly residential, with larges factors or warehouses throughout the major corridors and lower end of the Clinton Hill community. Most retail activity along Clinton and Hawthorne Avenues is in the form of neighborhood-oriented convenience-type stores. Nearest to the commercial 4 streets, the housing is largely two- and three-family conversions, while the interior streets include many large, well-maintained single-family houses. To the south, near I-78, are several vacant and abandoned properties.

Both the upper and lower Clinton Hill neighborhoods are currently highly prone to regular flooding, sewer backups and heat island effects.

NewarkDIG, Rutgers Newark & the History of Tri-Angle Park in the Lower Clinton Hill Section of Newark:

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